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A Pretty Website Doesn't Win Over Customers It's What's Written That Matters

Website Content Importance

You may have spent £100’s or £1000’s on getting a beautiful website made, but here’s the thing. It’s not how pretty your website looks, it’s what’s written on there that really matters...

You only have about 3 seconds to make an impression before people decide to stay or go.

Which means if you're not clear on what it is you do and how you can help someone solve a problem then they're going to bounce...

Think of your website as a business card, if it doesn't highlight what you do, then all you have is a nice piece of looking card in your hand. So what do you do with that nice glossy card? Well, you either put it in your pocket out of courtesy and forget about it, or toss it in the bin because it makes no sense to keep hold of it.

This is what happens when someone lands on your website. People don't read what's on a website, they scroll, just like they do on social media until something peaks their interest.

So if you're telling them how long you've been in business, what awards you've won and the name of your cat, then not only are you being irrelevant, but you're also boring your visitor who is about to leave and never come back! So save that for your Facebook and Instagram.

There are 7 crucial elements to a website that make a website flow. Within those 7 crucial elements are 3 key components that when done right, will keep your visitor engaged and invested. Get it wrong, however, and no matter how nice your site looks, they're not going to stick around.

How Does Evidential Marketing Work?

Step 1: Website Health Check

A health check for your website to make sure your message is clear and makes sense to everyone who lands on your website.

Step 2: Pitch Perfect

With a revised look to your website. It's time to pinpoint what sets you apart, ensuring that everyone knows you're the solution they've been searching for

Step3: Test Drive Your Message

With some smart advertising it's time to get your business more sign-ups, sales, and new fans. Measuring success by the real results your site gets.

How To Transform Any Website Into A Customer Generating Machine

In this simple but powerful document, we'll walk you through the seven crucial elements every website needs to grab and keep the attention of it's visitors.

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